September 16, 2015 all-day
Old Super Valu Building
Market St
Clifden, Co. Galway

A selection of contemporary art from the AIB collection.

This year The Festival Gallery will host a selection of works from the recent The Art of a Nation exhibition held at the Mall Galleries in London.

Clifden Arts Festival is proud to stage a selection from the renowned Allied Irish Banks Collection. Astutely collected since the 1980s, the collection is regarded as one of the most important representations of Modern Irish Art. Certainly the range, quality and energy of the works displayed help to define Irish art and Irish artists. A series of phases associated with Irish art are portrayed in this exhibition. The awareness of locality in Letitia Hamilton’s work to dealing with conflict and bereavement in the works of Willie Doherty and Shane Blount (image right) to the sensitivity and gentleness of Hughie O’Donoghue’s and John Shinnors paintings and the originality and ferocious talent that is Dorothy Cross.

Seamus Heaney, in his introduction to Modern Art in Ireland (1997), compares the development of Irish art to the flowing of a river. The course of Irish art has gradually gathered width and depth, confidently widening to incorporate Modernist mainstream and then merging seamlessly with contemporary international art. Significantly, the flow of Irish art continues to reflect the epic and profound journey of discovery of the Irish people in finding a clear cultural identity.

The perceptive awareness, sensitivity to locality, culture and political sources can also be viewed at the exhibition, also from this collection, on display at the AIB branch on the Galway Road, Clifden.

The exhibitions are a collaboration between Clifden Arts Festival and Allied Irish Banks.

The Festival wishes to express its gratitude to Allied Irish Banks and in particular to Maureen Porteous for her advice, encouragement and support in bringing this selection to Clifden Arts Festival.